Prophix Cloud Service Scheduled Maintenance Notification - 8/25/2017

Resolved Issues

Released: August 2017


DP Manager

52951:  It was possible for the owner of a task to delete a DPO record even though the permission was disabled in Smart Client Detailed Planning Manager.

56625:  In a schedule in a Workflow task, if a calculation had a condition that referenced dynamic members, the calculation failed to refresh.

57279:  Clicking Update in a schedule linked to a finance cube that had multiple dimensions mapped to a single member caused an error.

Model Manager

53915:  In Smart Client, security access was applied correctly to alternate hierarchies, but not when they were accessed in Web Client.

Drill Across Designer

53764  An error occurred when opening a mapping table for the Organization dimension.

Template Studio 

55878, 57087  After previewing a template, the File menu options had incorrect states.


Selector When choosing members, the Add at end default option was not respected.

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