Prophix Cloud Service Scheduled Maintenance Notification - 5/19/2017

Resolved issues


  • The db_owner database role was not granted for new PROPHIX_MetadataDb databases.
  • The Tenant database could not be created if the name of the server was more than 30 characters. (Ticket 52773)

Drill Across Definition

  • It was not possible to select columns from a MySQL database.

Process Manager

  • After opening Task Log, the font color changed in certain other grid modules. (Ticket 40068)
  • There was an SQL Server problem with the Import Data process. (Ticket 53420)

Template Studio

  • In both report and data-entry modes, a user was able to view cell values despite not having access permission. (Ticket 48510)

Prophix for Excel

  • A user of Prophix Version 12 was unable to open in Prophix for Excel a workbook previously created with the Prophix 11 version of Prophix for Excel. (Ticket 53901)
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