Prophix Cloud Service Scheduled Maintenance Notification - 3/17/2017

Resolved issues

Ad Hoc Analysis

  • Opening a member definition caused an error. (Ticket 48660)
  • Opening a new file caused a timeout error. (Ticket 51677)
  • Opening a dimension named "Description" caused an error. (Ticket 51904)

Drill Across Definition

  • Unable to select columns from a MySQL database.

Detailed Planning Schedules

  • Each time Update was clicked, an edit lock was created, and was never released. (Ticket 52859)
  • Calculation results were incorrect and differed from the results in the Prophix Smart Client. (Ticket 50995)
  • Adding a Detailed Planning Object to a schedule and saving resulted in a duplicate object. (Ticket 51255)
  • Editing the Date Linked attribute failed to update the date in the Start Period/End Period. (Ticket 51253)
  • Clicking Calculate caused an error message. (Ticket 51251)
  • In a workflow task, adding an object without saving it, then attempting to submit the schedule, caused an error.
  • Adding a Detailed Planning Object and then clicking Save caused an error.
  • In a workflow task, a user without the required permission was able to add a Detailed Planning Object. (Ticket 51288)
  • Clicking Update in a schedule that contained a condition based on an attribute with type List, and that used the Not Equal To operator, caused an error. (Ticket 52891)
  • When adding a Detailed Planning Object (Employee), if a space was typed in the ID or Name, an error occurred.
  • A calculated value failed to refresh if the schedule had only a single time period column for the calculation. (Ticket 53013)

Line Item Schedules

  • Opening and editing a line item schedule, and then saving it, caused a loss of data and an error message. (Ticket 50902)


  • If a user with Partial Access opened a report that contained two or more dimensions with dynamic members, an error message appeared. (Ticket 51123)
  • When printing a report to PDF or Excel, the filter option did not work if the Names dimension display option was used.
  • Cells that should have been locked were editable. (Ticket 52186)
  • When opening a template, if a data view contained two or more named sets based on different dimensions, an error occurred. (Ticket 49377, 49576)


  • Submitting a Data Entry task that had no approver would fail. (Ticket 48214, 51224)
  • When a workflow task was submitted/approved/rejected, the notification email was not sent to the designated recipients. (Ticket 50259)
  • Trying to view workflow comments caused an error. (Ticket 50234)
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